Child Safety

Get a plan to keep your kids safe

It's a jungle out there, and as a parent, you have to be the wildlife protector! Your kids will find no end of trouble to get into, but that doesn't mean you can't do everything possible to keep your child safe.

Get ahead in your safety planning by identifying the areas that could pose dangers for your child. Your home is an obvious place to start, and from the time you bring home baby, you'll be finding ways to cap extra outlets, safety-latch the cupboards and rig up gates in the stairways.


From there, it's an easy step to the car, the pool and any other areas your child will frequent. We'll help you find those areas and give you the best tips for making them safe for your little one.

Don't forget, as your child gets older, there's another place you'll have to safeguard: the Internet. While there's no easy fix for this one, there are precautions you can take to keep your child safe on the Web.

Spotting the dangers in a child's life is second nature to a parent, but fixing them is often another story. Check out our best tips on keeping your child safe in all areas of their life, and rest assured that your child is protected against the world.

Prevention and Reaction

Much of what you do to keep your kids safe throughout childhood is preventative: the first and best goal of safety practices is to keep a dangerous situation from ever arising, to keep your child from getting hurt in the first place. That's why you baby-proof your entire house; secure them in a baby seat, booster seat or seat belt in the back of the car; put sharp or electrical items well out of reach; use high-security settings and password protection on your computer; stick personal floatation devices on them whenever they're anywhere near water; keep a close eye on them; and a million other things.

But even though you're a conscientious parent, no matter how carefully you try to prevent accidents, sometimes the unexpected can occur, and then it's how you, another child care provider or even your child themselves reacts to it that can ensure your child's safety. That's why we've also included information on some essential first-aid supplies you should have on hand, and the first-aid knowledge you not only should have yourself, but should share with your children as soon as they're old enough.