Cold and Flu

How to treat a fever

When cold and flu season strikes, fever often comes with the territory – and the ways to deal with a fever can be as varied as the colds and flu themselves.

Not all fevers need to be treated, remember. The general rule of thumb is, if it's not causing any other problems like dehydration or discomfort, there is no need to medicate.

However, for those stubborn fevers, a list of treatments and remedies is listed below:


When to call a doctor

Whether to call the doctor or not can depend on many different factors, such as the exact temperature, age of the child, the illness and whether there are other symptoms with the fever.

Call your child's doctor if you have:

If you have an older child with a fever of less than 104 F, call the doctor if your child also:

Seek emergency care if your child shows any of the following signs along with a fever: