Bed Wetting

Common ways to prevent bed wetting

Bedwetting is an issue that millions of families face every night. It is extremely common among kids who are under the age of six, and it can last into the preteen years.

A Stressful Situation

Bedwetting can be hard on all members of the family – children often feel embarrassed and guilty about wetting the bed, and also anxious about spending the night at a friend's house or at camp. Parents often feel helpless and frustrated in helping their child overcome the problem.


There are medications to help with bedwetting that are usually comprised of hormones or psychological medications. Many people do not want to try medications for their child or they have not experienced success when taking them. If traditional medication is not an option, there are other remedies and devices that may work:

Books, Videos and Software

There are a variety of books, videos and software available to inform parents about bedwetting. Many have strategies to cope with the issue and solutions to try. There are also programs and books geared specifically to children, to help them understand what's happening without being scared. Reading or viewing these tools with a parent will also help the child feel more comfortable, and will likely lead to drier nights.