Minor Illnesses in Kids

Find remedies for minor childhood illness

Chicken pox, pink eye, fever, head lice ... the list of illnesses and conditions children encounter is seemingly endless. But don't worry! You're not the first parent to contend with these issues, and you certainly won't be the last - so why not take the advice of those who have been there before to help you tackle these minor bumps and scrapes in life?

We've got articles full of helpful advice from parents on everything from handling bed wetting and insect bites to tackling more serious problems like child weight gain and asthma. They've seen it all, and now they're passing on their tips and tricks to you!


No parent wants to think about their child getting sick, but with kids, there's just no way to avoid it. Being prepared is the best way to put your child at ease - and that means everything from having a supply of band aids and cough syrup to having your child's favorite movie queued up on DVD and a cozy blanket ready on the couch. Sometimes, the best medicine is just a little TLC!

Keeping Your Child Comfortable

For some illnesses, prevention really is the best line of defense, and advice from other parents about how to avoid some common infections and problems can be invaluable. Here, you'll find good ideas you might not have thought of to help keep your child from ever dealing with the discomfort of preventable conditions like child obesity.

Sometimes, though, despite your best efforts as a parent, you simply can't prevent your child from becoming ill. Once your child has been properly diagnosed with a minor illness, your first priorities are to treat the illness itself, of course, but also to help them endure as little discomfort as possible from their symptoms while they go through the stages of recovery.

This section of Kidica can help here, too, bringing you home-grown ideas from parents who have been there themselves, and who know from experience what works to ease the irritation of diaper rash, or the stomach ache of a mild allergic reaction to a forbidden food, or the misery of thrush, or the frustration of an attention disorder.

And if you have a suggestion or remedy that has worked for you with your child, then you can, in turn, leave a comment and share your knowledge with other parents just like you who are looking to do the best they can for their kids.