Kid Friendly Restaurants

A Variety of Kid Friendly Restaurants

Kids love going out for meals, but generally want to eat quickly. Because of this many families opt for fast food restaurants and assume that they are the only kid friendly restaurants around. There are, however, other choices in places to eat. Ideally, parents want a place where they can relax a bit while they eat, and their kids can be entertained.


What to Look For in Child Friendly Restaurants

Something that parents look for in child friendly restaurants is friendly staff and colored menus. Partially because of this, International House of Pancakes is one of the most popular places in the country for parents to take their kids. Denny's is also a popular choice. It is popular with kids because of its space-themed food, including a rocket shaped cup. Parents like it because it includes allergy and nutrition information on the menu.

Kids' Menus Are Informative and Fun

One of the most important features of kid friendly restaurants is the kids' menu. These allow the kids to choose their own meal, usually from a picture of what it will look like. The meal usually includes a drink and dessert of some sort as well, for a pretty good value. Some restaurants have more than one kids' menu, depending on the age of the children, so older kids don't have to feel like they are being treated the same as their younger siblings. Some kids' menus also have puzzles and games, and pictures to color, that can keep the kids occupied until their meals arrive. Many restaurants have paper table cloths and supply crayons so the kids can draw all over them for the same reason.

Other Popular Restaurants for Kids

Some places may not initially seem like restaurants for kids, like The Old Spaghetti Factory. This is a popular spot, however, because there are old trolley cars inside and booths made of old headboards. Their kids' menu choices are good as well. Red Robin is another popular place, but for more obvious reasons. They have balloons and a birthday club, and have a wide variety of healthy choices for kids, including veggie burgers, with fruit and vegetable side dishes. They even sponsor a recipe contest for 6 to 12 year olds.

There are Many Restaurants for Children and Adults

Overall, restaurants for children are as varied as children's and adults' tastes. You can find Chinese restaurants that have special "starter" chop sticks for kids, and restaurants that offer bibs and wipes for all small children, as well as change tables in the women's and men's washrooms. It is nice to let the kids decide on a restaurant occasionally, and not have them always choose McDonald's.