Healthy Snack

Meet hunger with healthy snacks for kids

One of the hardest things about raising kids in today's world is trying to teach them healthy eating habits. Parents constantly struggle to find healthy snack recipes for kids who want sugary treats instead. Healthy snack ideas can be especially difficult to find for kids who are fussy eaters; however, keeping in mind that most healthy, unprocessed foods are also quite tasty when given a chance, there are healthy snacks to be found for even the pickiest of picky eaters. Cookbooks and the Internet both hold a wealth of healthy snack recipes, from old classics like ants on a log (peanut butter and raisins spread on a celery stalk) to homemade granola.


Healthy Snack Foods for Your Child's Sweet Tooth

Satisfying your child's sugar cravings doesn't mean you have to open a bag of candy – there are plenty of delicious and healthy snack foods that will provide your child with the sweetness he or she craves with some nutrients to boot. Smoothies are a fantastic example of a sweet but healthy snack. Made with low-fat yogurt, ripe fruit and a little ice, the flavor possibilities are virtually endless. You can even throw in a little peanut butter or cocoa powder to win over fussy eaters. Be careful, though, when feeding peanut butter to friends of your kids who are visiting; you need to make sure they don't have any serious food allergies before offering a snack.

Healthy Snack Foods for Kids on the Move

For healthy snacks on the go, consider putting together your own trail mix. Just combine roasted nuts, dried fruits and a little granola for a perfect portable treat. Consider setting out a whole variety of trail mix ingredients and letting your children put their own unique mixture together; playing a part in making their healthy snacks makes kids more inclined to eat them.

Another ultra-portable healthy snack is the tortilla roll-up. They're fast and easy to make; simply spread a thin layer of cream cheese, bean dip or peanut butter onto a whole-wheat tortilla. Then, add some lunch meat if you used bean dip or cream cheese, or banana slices if you used peanut butter. Finally, roll them up into a cigar shape. Tortilla roll-ups are a healthy snack that is a big hit with kids.

Healthy Snack Food Tips

Some other things you can do to get your kids eating healthier foods include:

Make healthy snacks easily accessible and fun to eat, and your kids will make them a habit.