Healthy Kids Lunch

Guidelines For Healthy Kids' Lunch

As a result of the child obesity problem in this country as well as the increasing rate of type 2 diabetes, federal guidelines are proposing to make school lunches healthier. Healthy kids' lunch would include changing food in school cafeterias to add more fruit and vegetables and cut some of the fat and salt. Low-fat or nonfat milk is also encouraged, as well as whole grains.


Providing a Healthy Child's Lunch

One of the main reasons to make a healthy child's lunch is to give them the energy to make it through the day at school. A full stomach helps them concentrate on the information they are learning. Fun foods can also be healthy. Foods like wraps and smoothies are fun to eat, and adding dips for vegetables can make them fun to eat as well. Adding shredded up carrots to a sandwich can make it tasty as well as give it texture.

Healthy Kids' Lunch Box

What is in a kid's lunch box may be up to the parents, but what they eat out of it or trade or throw away is up to them. That is why it is important for parents to help their children understand what eating healthy foods can do for them. Depending on the child's age, parents can explain that the lunch is the gas that makes the car engine run. Lunch gives the fuel to make it through the afternoon and all the way until dinner time.

Healthy Kids' Lunch Ideas

It is important for parents to take kids' lunch ideas into consideration. They may be smarter than you think and will be more likely to eat their lunches if they have input into what they are eating. Their favorite foods might include blueberries or olives, both which make great additions to their lunch box. A child's lunch ideas may be fairly limited, but by getting those ideas, a parent will be able to suggest similar items or items that incorporate the favorites. For instance, why not make a pita pizza with low fat cheese, ham or pepperoni and olives for lunch one day? It contains some favorite foods and is a good, filling lunch. A fruit salad that has blueberries in it would make a good dessert. Ask your child what other fruits they would like in it, instead of asking if they want a fruit salad.