Healthy Kids Food

Healthy Kids' Food According to the USDA

It is important that your children eat healthy food, but it is also important that they like the taste of the food so that it is eaten without problems. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), healthy kids' food includes foods from the categories of grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, meats and beans. They have literature especially targeted to children to help them to understand, in terms of words and pictures, what foods are important for their everyday intake.


Learning About Healthy Food for Kids

Healthy food for kids starts with whole-grain cereals. The USDA literature explains to kids that the color brown does not necessarily mean that something is whole grain or whole wheat. It explains how to read about nutrition on the labels of food to assess whether it is the healthiest choice for them. By about age eight children are able to read food labels and understand nutritional content. This can be a great help in grocery shopping with parents, but can also add a lot to the time spent in the store.

Making Healthy Kids' Meals

Healthy kids' meals include a variety of items from the USDA chart. If your kids like pizza, you can make it with whole grain crust, add some new vegetables for them to try, and choose lean meats to put on top such as turkey pepperoni. They will probably not even notice the difference. The same is true of pasta. Adding a few different vegetables to your pasta sauce will make it taste great with just a little something extra to make it healthier.

Balancing Kids' Nutrition Needs

Although kids' nutrition is important, it can go hand in hand with exercise to help make a well rounded healthy child. Parents should always be aware of what their children are eating. It is important that children not reach for one extreme or the other. They need a good balance of healthy foods. Too much fruit at one time can lead to an upset tummy, and only eating vegetables can lead to a lack of energy.

Emphasizing Nutritious Food For Kids

There are certain times in a child's life when they require extra calories for growth and weight gain. This is particularly true if they are participating in sports. Nutritious food for kids is very important at this time, but may include more necessary fats. This is important knowledge for parents to have.