Easy Snacks

Easy Ways to Make Easy Snacks

Whether kids are making them for themselves or adults are helping them, easy snacks are the way to go when working with kids. Obviously the easiest snacks are fresh fruit and vegetables, but these aren't always welcomed by kids. They usually want something with more imagination. Fruits and vegetables can always be used, but cutting them up in fun ways is sure to make a kid more inclined to eat them.


Fun Quick and Easy Snacks

There are several variations on fruit that make quick and easy snacks. Try freezing some grapes. They make a fun treat that is also healthy. Pair apples with peanut butter for dipping, or cherries with brown sugar. Very little dip is needed, and the fun aspect of the dip will be a kid pleaser. If your kids like a variety of fruit, add some to yogurt and top it with granola. Put it in a parfait glass to make it fancy, and it will make a great treat.

Add Variety to Easy After School Snacks

When the kids get home from school, they are usually too hungry to wait for dinner, but you don't want to give them anything too filling. Milk and cookies make an easy after school snack, but are somehow too basic, and won't work every day. Some kids enjoy chips and salsa. It's a fresh snack and can be as spicy as they like it. For hotter days snack options include frozen treats like yogurt pops. They come in fruit flavors that your kids will love, and seem like more of a treat than regular yogurt.

Fun and Quick Simple Snacks

If time is a major factor then cereal bars and granola bars can provide simple snacks. If you pay attention to the ingredients when you buy them, there are some quite healthy ones as well. Applesauce is another option. It may be unsweetened, or it can be sweetened with fruit. If your kids find it boring, challenge them to eat it through a straw!

Stick With Easy Snacks For Kids

With such a wide variety of easy snacks for kids, sometimes the best way to figure out what to give them is to ask what they are in the mood for. After a long day at school, some kids will want something sweet. They might want to help you make them a fruit smoothie. Some kids might say they want some junk food, in which case you can direct them towards something like popcorn, or they might simply want some cheese and crackers. Sometimes the easiest solution is to do something with the food that they have left over in their lunch bags, like slicing up their apple and adding it to a fruit salad.