Cooking With Kids

The Adventure of Cooking With Kids

Depending on the ages of your children, cooking with kids can serve different purposes. If your kids are toddlers, it can be a fun event to share with mom and dad, and if they are older, it can be a good introduction to how to use the kitchen and kitchen safety. It can be fun to spend time together in the kitchen, even though it can lead to chaos. It is important to supervise kids very closely in the kitchen, particularly when they are using implements that are new to them or are standing near the hot stove.


Introducing New Foods by Cooking With Children

Cooking with children is a great way to introduce healthy eating habits to them early on. It is often much easier to get a child to try something new to eat if they cut it or in some way help to prepare it. They can see where it came from, so it doesn't have the mystery of just appearing on the table at dinner. If you are not following a specific recipe, they can have a say in what is being prepared. If they are allowed to pick their favorite fruits or vegetables for making a salad, it will be a point of pride as well as a winner when it comes to eating.

Teaching Through Cooking With Your Kids

The kitchen can become a classroom in a few different ways. Cooking with your kids can allow opportunities for reading recipes, making grocery lists, counting and sorting the items that will be needed in the recipe, and learning to follow directions by completing recipe steps in order. If there is more than one child in the kitchen at a time, they can learn to take turns and to share. Once your child reaches about eight years old, they will be able to do quite a bit of helping in the kitchen. They are able to cut up fruits, vegetables, cheeses and bread. They can mix up a salad. They will understand the different food groups and can help decide what components should make up a meal.

Being Sneaky When Cooking For Kids

Children can often be picky eaters. When cooking for kids it is sometimes necessary to sneak some healthy options into the form of fun foods. For instance, you can put a few vegetables into a fruit smoothie without changing the taste very much. Kids also like food that looks familiar or that looks like fun. Adding ketchup to food is one of kids' favorite ways of making it seem more edible.

Finding New Foods Kids Love

Parents and kids often get into eating routines. Foods kids love are established quite early and are often the ones that are not very healthy for them, like ones that are picked up at their favorite fast food restaurant. Variations are possible when favorite foods are made at home as well, however, such as macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, and pizza.