Child Psychology

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Child psychology is a completely separate field from adult psychology. Children are not just smaller versions of adults. They have their own problems and concerns which they sometimes have difficulty putting into words. One of the problems with raising children is that they lack the vocabulary to properly voice their thoughts and feelings. The result is that most parents do not know that anything is wrong with them until they act out. A specialist in child health and child psychology can help the parent to determine the root cause and begin to find a means to solve it or to find ways to live with a condition such as ADHD.

There are a variety of fields in child psychology. Each of these addresses a specific component of the growth and development of the child's mind.


Child Development Psychology

Child development psychology looks at issues of how the child is growing physically, *intellectually[/education/learning/default.aspx] and emotionally. Your child will be compared to others his age to see if he is meeting the right milestones on time; an example would be the age at which your child learns to walk or toilet train. There are various stages which everyone goes through as they grow up, and child development psychology examines these stages. Though everyone reaches each major step at a different time, there is a time by which the child should have achieved that goal. A child who still does not talk by the age of four may need to see a child development psychologist.

Child Behavior Psychology

Child behavior psychology deals with how a child acts. While temper tantrums are to be expected, if they do not end or if they are accompanied by excessively violent acts against others or themselves, you should consult with an expert.

Child Abuse Psychology

Child abuse psychology helps the victims of child abuse to come to terms with what happened to them and give them coping mechanisms to move on with their lives. This is a very delicate area of child psychology, and it needs to be undertaken by an experienced child abuse psychologist to ensure that the child will not be permanently scarred from past abuse.

If your child needs to see a child psychologist, you should not feel ashamed. You will be making the right choice for your child's mental health and helping them to grow up into a happy and well-adjusted adult.