Child Abuse

Learn how to prevent child abuse

The effects of child abuse, whether physical child abuse or mental child abuse, on society as a whole is unmistakable. It advances generations of crime, mental illness and physical illness. Sadly, child abuse, even in today's more enlightened society, occurs more often than would be expected of a highly educated society. The effects of child abuse last more than one lifetime. Aside from the effects on individual child health and development, abuse becomes a learned method of control passed from one generation to the next.


Effects of Child Abuse

The effect of child abuse on non-abusers has the potential for desensitization:

A Blemish on Future Generations

So long as a single child is abused in any civilized, educated society, the mark of this horrific abuse leaves scars and is a blemish on future generations. Attempting to untangle the root causes of child abuse are complex, yet this type of abuse is predictable. From a psychological standpoint, bullying, uncontrollable anger and lashing out physically in the early stages of child development should be red flags for possible future child abuse. Mental child abuse is found mostly in the form of repetitive destruction of a child's self-esteem and identity, or neglecting to create a bond between adult and child that allows natural growth.

Child Abuse Statistics

Globally, child abuse statistics show no appreciable reduction. These child abuse statistics show that most adults give only lip service to their concern about abused children. The reason for this feigned ignorance is rooted in an inability to accept accountability for the actions of abusive adults and an unwillingness to raise awareness of the issue.

Child Abuse Prevention

Child abuse prevention, thus far, has been a failure largely because it is dependent upon financial funding for programs that educate the child abuser and provide aid to an abused child. At issue is an underlying attitude of some in society that funding of such programs should not be compulsory through taxation, as this would be a form of socialism, and this political posturing stands in the way of reducing child abuse. Child abuse prevention is an absolute necessity if a civilized society is to advance. It's the responsibility of every adult to protect those who cannot protect themselves from child abuse.