Child Health

Caring for your child's physical and mental well-being

Every parent wants to see their child happy and healthy, but at points along the way, it's inevitable that some type of childhood illness or mental health issue such as ADHD will develop.

In these times, all children look to their parents for help. In cases of more common health concerns like coughs and colds, some chicken soup, lots of TLC and maybe a few time-tested home remedies will go a long way. But with more serious health concerns, your child will be looking to you for help in understanding what's happening. And what's most frightening is you may find you don't have the answers.


Caring for your child's health, from scraped elbows to serious medical conditions, is all about learning, so don't be afraid to ask questions and search for answers. Let us help you get started with our child health section, designed to help cover all your child's health concerns. Using your research skills and your doctor, you'll be able to find all the information you need to put your child on the road to recovery.

A Healthy Child is a Happy Child

When your child is dealing with a mental or physical illness, they might sometimes feel scared and alone, but so, most likely, will you. Even with the support of medical experts, friends and family, parents who are caring for a child with a serious illness can feel overwhelmed and isolated, and can become emotionally and physically exhausted. In this section of Kidica, you can get information and advice from other parents about a variety of childhood illnesses, and you can share your own experience. And because parents of ill children can become financially exhausted, too, we've also included some tips for getting good child health insurance.

Of course, in this section you'll also find information about other important factors in your child's (and anyone's!) health, like getting quality food, exercise and sleep.

Unfortunately, some of the circumstances besides childhood illness that can affect a child's health are very serious and devastating. Even If you don't feel these things are factors in your own child's well-being, as a parent and, moreover, as a concerned and responsible citizen, you can educate yourself about some of the other child-health subjects we've addressed here: the effects of child abuse, as well as the child welfare services that work to protect kids and to help more of them have healthier, and therefore happier, childhoods.