Child Development Age 7

Relationship Building -- Child Development at Age 7

Child development at age 7 can be an emotional rollercoaster. Friendships can be strong one minute, gone the next, and stronger than ever the next day. Children play well in pairs, but if a third person is added, there can be fights and competitions. Adult led activities are great at this age, such as Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, and programs through the YMCA and YWCA, to help foster friendships and an understanding of rules and structure.


Better Coordination -- Physical Development at Age 7

Seven year olds are full of energy. Physical development at age 7 includes running themselves around until they drop from exhaustion. This often leads to more scrapes and cuts, but they also love band aids with fun patterns on them. Their hand eye coordination is getting better, and they are able to combine activities, such as running with a ball and catching a ball while they are running. They love to participate in active games and sports, particularly if they are set up so the outcome will make them feel successful. They get fewer colds and other illnesses, but when they do get sick it tends to last longer.

Better Comprehension Through Brain Development at Age 7

Brain development at age 7 includes a greater attention span. Seven year old children are eager to learn. They become more serious and can stick with a work task until it is finished. This increased attention means that they can read and write for longer periods of time, which also increases their vocabulary and grasp on sentence structure and grammar. They are even better at using different strategies for understanding new words and recognize a lot of words out of context from prior experience. They are able to read with more expression now, as they aren't struggling so much with the content. They can also relate more to the characters in books, and understand their feelings better. The mathematical part of the seven year old brain is developing well too. They can do addition and subtraction, and understand mathematical word problems.

Understanding The Shape of Things Through Human Development at Age 7

Seven year olds are starting to find their way in the world. For human development at age 7 this means that they are able to measure things and apply simple mapping strategies with lines and angles. They understand shapes and are starting to apply these shapes to three dimensional objects in their environment.