Child Development Age 6

Testing the Waters -- Child Development at Age 6

Although they are getting older, six year olds still like to have structure in their lives. Child development at age 6 involves the desire to take on more responsibility, but the need for an adult to be there to fall back on. They ask a lot of questions, because they want to get things done right. They do not take criticism very well. This is a time when they can relate more to their same-sexed parent. Little boys want to be just like dad, and often blame mom if something goes wrong.


Physical Development at Age 6 Requires Parental Support

At age six, children continue to get more coordinated in running and jumping. However, physical development at age 6 can be greatly enhanced by the help of participation in sports, dance and even unstructured active play. The more they use their hand-eye coordination at this age, the better it gets. They may get frustrated when they cannot hit a baseball, but practice will help build their confidence. Being patient is key at this point. This is a time when children seem to get more illnesses than usual. This is because they are being exposed to so many more children at school. They may also have a few growth spurts at this age, so they may seem significantly taller or shorter than others in their class or play group.

Brain Development at Age 6 Focuses On Language

At age six, children are getting much more independent with their language. Brain development at age 6 allows them to understand so much more and to have long, interesting conversations. Their grammar and pronunciation is easy to understand, and they are beginning to read independently. This is a major function of being in first grade. They are learning strategies to understand new words that they come across when they are reading and ways to use pictures and context to enjoy picture books with matching words. Mathematical skills are also developing well at this age. Six year olds are able to count to 200, and can count backwards from 10 or 20.

Wanting Success -- Human Development at Age 6

Children get very excited about their accomplishments at this age. Human development at age 6 involves wanting to show off what they have learned. They are excited to have written something, or read a new book, and are particularly excited to have parents see them participate in sports. They want to be seen as winners. They like to be the best, and are often frustrated at school if their results aren't what they had hoped for. This can also lead to a lack of focus at school. It is a good idea to keep in contact with your child's teacher, to see if there are any ways to help at home.