Child Development Age 5

Learning the Rules -- Child Development at Age 5

By age 5 children are in school. Child development at age 5 means that children are starting to understand that there are different rules in different places, and they will often ask permission to do something before they try it. They want to be taken seriously. They often have serious questions about the world, and are looking for serious answers in response. They are often very cooperative, but can also be demanding as they continue to test the boundaries.


Physical Development at Age 5 -- Becoming More Coordinated

Physical coordination is getting better and better. Physical development at age 5 shows much greater agility. Children are able to skip rope. They can hop on each foot for a short time. Their hand and finger dexterity is getting really good, and they are able to color and stay within the lines quite well. They are also able to print some letters and numbers. They can copy shapes such as circles and triangles. Five year olds are able to draw people with heads, bodies, arms, legs, and facial features. The proportions are still not always right, but they are starting to understand more about detail.

Brain Development at Age 5 -- A Better Understanding of Language

Five year olds are able to carry on conversations and even tell short stories such as would be expected in a "show and tell" situation at school. Brain development at age 5 brings them to a place where they like to tell jokes and riddles that might not always make sense to adults. They can tell the difference between what is real and what is make-believe. They understand the difference between present and future tense, for example, "Daddy will be home tomorrow." Five year olds are able to say their full name and address. They often know their birthday and their telephone number. Most five year olds know their uppercase and most lowercase letters. They also understand that the letters represent sounds that can be combined into words.

Human Development at Age 5 -- Relationship Building

Other areas of knowledge and recognition are growing as well. Human development at age 5 is illustrated by children's knowledge of money and food as being items that are used every day. They are developing more friendships and they want to be like their friends. Their relationships with adults and other children are very important to them as well.