Child Development Age 4

Exploring Independence -- Child Development at Age 4

Children are really beginning to develop independence at age 4. Child development at age 4 means that children are able to be away from their parents or caregivers for longer periods of time. They want to try new things and explore their surroundings. They enjoy the company of other children and are starting to learn to share. This is the result of a better understanding of how others feel. They may feel jealous of their parents' relationship, and need to be reassured that they are loved as well.


Physical Development at Age 4 -- Always on the Move

Four year olds can throw and catch, kick and bounce a ball. Physical development at age 4 allows them to run quite fast, and jump over small things in their way. They can hop on one foot for a few seconds, and can climb ladders and trees. They will probably be able to move from a tricycle to a bicycle with training wheels. They love to move and can sustain physical playing for quite a long time. They also like to dance. They are able to dress themselves. They can pour their own drinks, and can cut their food with some supervision. They can hold a pencil well, and can cut along a straight line.

Brain Development at Age 4 Brings Word Recognition

Brain development at age 4 allows them to speak quite clearly. They often get sounds mixed up, but can be easily understood. They can say their own first and last name. They know the difference between "he" and "she." They like to tell stories, and are interested in hearing about how things work. They are able to sort items by size, shape, color or type of item. They are able to say the numbers up to 20, and can count a few items. They can draw a person with a head, body arms and legs, although the proportions will not necessarily be right. They recognize words that they see a lot, and can probably name a store that you shop at just by sign recognition. Four year olds are also able to follow multi step directions, usually up to three steps.

Playing Make Believe -- Human Development at Age 4

Human development at age 4 involves a lot of make believe play. Children like to play, "mom and dad" or "superhero." They are still unable to distinguish between what is real and what is make believe, when they hear stories, and often when they tell stories. They enjoy talking and like to share their opinions with others. They are starting to know the days of the week and the different months.