Child Development Age 17

The Unrest of Child Development at Age 17

Ages 17 to 19 years are considered late adolescence by some and adulthood by others. In many cases it depends on the individual child and how receptive they are to the responsibilities that are possible at this stage. Child development at age 17 may see an emotionally strong individual who has already held down a job for a few years, or a scared teenager who doesn't know what to do when high school is over.


Physical Development at Age 17 Leads to Risky Behaviors

As adolescents get older, their need to try riskier behavior gets stronger. Physical development at age 17 means that by 12th grade, more than 85% of students report that they have used alcohol, with roughly 40% having gotten very drunk within the previous month. 40% of seniors also report having used marijuana, with 8% having used cocaine. About 15% of 17 year olds smoke regularly. This is an area that should be of some concern to parents. Alcohol and drugs at this age contribute greatly to the mortality rate from car accidents. It is important that parents know what their children are doing, and that they are not taking risks with their own or their friends' lives.

Troubled Thoughts - Brain Development at Age 17

This stage of adolescence can be very confusing. Brain development at age 17 can be in conflict with physical development. Often girls at this stage wonder about how they look and get a distorted view of themselves. This can lead to eating disorders that can be very dangerous for the brain and the body. It is important for a parent to be accepting of the changes in the child, and to encourage them to accept themselves.

Human Development at Age 17 - Learning to Make Plans

At this point in adolescents' lives, it is important that they feel that they have a place of their own. Human development at age 17 requires a separate room for sleep, or at least a quiet place where they can go to think. They have many choices to make at this age, and usually have very strong opinions about what they want to do and why they want to do it. They have listened to their friends and family, and now is the time for them to make final decisions about their future plans.