Child Development Age 15

Dating Through Child Development at Age 15

Dating may start at this age. Child development at age 15 sees both boys and girls physically ready for sexual interactions, but they are emotionally still quite young. This is a time when parents need to discuss their beliefs and rules about dating. It may be a good time to allow for groups of boys and girls to go out together, until the comfort level of individual dates is reached by both children and parents.


Awkward Changes Through Physical Development at Age 15

Physical development at age 15 can see further physical changes as far as growth and development in boys and girls. This can be an awkward stage for boys and girls if they play sports. They may find that they have to compensate for the extra weight or height that they have, or the way that their bodies are shifting. It is important for parents to continue to encourage their children in physical pursuits to help them through this phase. A growth spurt in a boy may be just what he needs to make the basketball team if he puts in the extra time to practice and gain the necessary coordination.

Brain Development at Age 15 Brings Altruism

15 year olds may be quite avid readers, which fuels the need for intellectual discussions. Brain development at age 15 sees individuals trying to find their purpose in the world, and they may become quite introspective and thoughtful. They want to plan for their future and make sure that they can make some sort of difference. This is a good time to encourage volunteer work and finding out more about opportunities in your area.

Experimenting - Human Development at Age 15

Human development at age 15 sees children who want the independence of being adults, but not any of the responsibilities. They may want to do what everyone else is doing. They may experiment with drugs and alcohol, and perhaps even sex. It is important that parents have had frank discussions, however uncomfortable they might be, about unprotected sex and the possibilities other than pregnancy. This is also a good time to put into practice a strategy of what your child should do if they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation and unable to get home. Having a cell phone and knowing that they can count on a ride without judgment is a good policy to keep parents in the loop.