Child Development Age 13

Moodiness During Child Development at Age 13

Thirteen year olds can be quite moody. They may feel stuck between home and friends, and feel the pull of wanting to belong in both places at once. Child development at age 13 means that they do not want to let down their family, but also want to appear cool to their friends at school. They are noticing major changes in their bodies, and seeing similar changes in those around them. They may see their friends rebel against their own families, and wonder if they should be doing the same.


Boys Change During Physical Development at Age 13

Although most girls have already gotten their periods at this point, the average boy reaches puberty around this age. Physical development at age 13 sees boys start to grow facial and pubic hair. Their bodies will also go through muscular and bone changes, and they may go through huge growth spurts. They will start to have sexual feelings, and will generally have "wet dreams" and start to masturbate around this time. This can lead to some very awkward feelings, that they are very resistant to talking about. Both girls and boys continue to adjust to physical changes at this point. One particular problem that occurs can be acne. It may have begun in the past few years, but it continues to be a problem as further hormonal changes affect the body.

Abstract Thinking Starts During Brain Development at Age 13

At age 13, children often become quite opinionated because of their developing knowledge base. Brain development at age 13 includes strong judgments about what is wrong and right. They are just starting to develop abstract thinking, and think mostly in terms of the present instead of looking towards the future. The idea of what they want to do when they grow up is still foreign to them.

Human Development at Age 13 - Not Quite Ready to Grow Up

Human development at age 13 sees more self-sufficient individuals. They are attracted to peer groups that have values similar to those of their families, although they are also tempted to try new things. It is a time of flux - between knowing what is right and wrong and wanting to be open to more experiences. This can be quite a scary stage, full of temptations like drugs and alcohol. As a parent, it is important to keep the lines of communication open. Thirteen year olds want some freedom, but are also glad to be given curfews and restrictions by their parents.