Child Development Age 12

Child Development at Age 12 Brings Early Adolescence

Between ages 12 and 14 is considered to be early adolescence. At this stage of child development, children may want more privacy and pull away from their parents. Child development at age 12 can be a confusing time for children and parents. One minute they want nothing to do with their parents and the next minute they are desperate to talk to them. This is often when parents need to be most supportive. Boys at this age may begin to pull away from their mothers and rely on their fathers more for support. Girls have shown this behavior around age 11, when they feel the need for their mothers' support through puberty.


Physical Development at Age 12 Increases Hunger

Boys may feel very competitive at this age, and this can take the form of the need for success in sports or in their social standing at school. Making sure that they are involved in sports at school is a good way to direct this competitive urge, as well as help them work off some of the frustrations involved in this uncertain age. Physical development at age 12 includes eating a lot. They are getting taller, bigger and stronger. They are hungry, but also influenced by products that they see on television commercials. It is important to understand their changing need for food and to help them understand the importance of good nutrition.

Brain Development at Age 12 Brings on Arguments

At this stage the brain is developing a great ability to remember and make logical connections. Brain development at age 12 means that they like to get into arguments and discussions, and they are quite well informed about what they are saying. 12 year olds may be very involved in playing video games at this stage, and can probably beat their parents at any of these. They are quite competitive, however, and do not take losing very well.

Human Development at Age 12 Involves Experimenting

This is also a time when children may be interested in experimenting with smoking, alcohol and drugs. Human development at age 12 shows the influence of the world around them. If their friends are experimenting with these things, there will be obvious curiosity. It is important that parents talk to their children about smoking, drinking and drugs. Whether or not it came up earlier, this would be a good time to go over the health and legal dangers involved.