Child Development Age 11

Things Start to Change During Childhood Development at Age 11

Child development at age 11 becomes more difficult to define. Children start to mature at all different ages, and this may be the beginning of adolescence for some children, while others want to remain children for a bit longer. There is no right or wrong answer for this.


The Brain Evolves at Age 11

At about age 11, children's brains go through a major change. Up to this point, the child's brain has been collecting information about everything. Brain development at age 11 involves a "pruning" of information in the brain. Information that has not been used or needed begins to disappear. Items that have been repeated over the years will stay in the brain as it starts to get organized. It begins to be more powerful and efficient. At age 11, children begin to get the capacity to reason and think more logically. This can lead to increased emphasis on school work, as they take new challenges seriously. It can also lead to some heated arguments at home, as they question more of what they are told.

Physical Development at Age 11 - Girls Become Women

At age 11, many girls start to grow breasts. Their hips will also begin to take shape during physical development at age 11. Some girls will get their periods at this age, although others won't get them for another few years. This can be a difficult time emotionally for girls. They may be excited about the idea of becoming a woman, or terrified at the thought. This is a time when girls will look around and see how the women in their lives are coping, and take their signals from them. Girls really need support from their mothers' at this stage.

Human Development of Independence

At age 11, children may start to show more independence. They may think they are capable of more things than they actually are at this point. As parents, it is good to check out a situation before sending a child in on their own. Human development at age 11, shows more concern about what others think. They want to appear cool to their friends in keeping up with trends and wearing the same clothes. They may be much less interested in spending time with the family and attending family events.