Child Development 8 to 12 Months

Highlights of Child Development 8 to 12 Months

Baby's child development 8 to 12 months is quite fast moving. They will start to reach out for things with only one hand now. Their eyes will be focusing together now and they will be able to see objects as far as 20 feet away. They can move one arm or leg at a time, which makes them a lot more helpful when it's time for getting dressed.


Infant Development Towards Eating Independence

At this stage of infant development, they will have been trying some different soft foods. Now things can get a bit messy because they will be able to hold a spoon and will enjoy seeing what they can do with it. They will be able to pick up small pieces of food, like cereal, using their thumb and one finger. They will also be able to pick up and drop toys, and sit up alone for longer periods of time.

Combining Sounds During Infant Language Development

It is during this stage that infant language development gets interesting. They will start to put more and more sounds together, and often start to say mama or dada. They will try to imitate sounds that others make, so this is a great teaching opportunity for parents. Labeling familiar things on a regular basis, and referring to others by their names is very helpful at this stage as well. Other than this, babies will continue to communicate in non-verbal ways. They will nod their heads, and crawl towards or away from things to show their level of interest.

Major Steps in Infant Growth and Development

In terms of infant growth and development, most babies will be about one and a half times as long now as they were at birth. Their weight will continue to increase by about one pound per month. They will start to crawl during this time, sometimes starting with a backwards crawl, before they begin to move forwards. Near the twelve month time period, babies will try to stand. Some babies will also begin to try to walk. They will be a bit unsteady on their feet, and it may look like more of a bounce from one object to another for support.

Curiosity Begins in Infants

Infant brain development at this stage makes babies very curious. They want to know what things are and they examine them by poking at them. They also start to feel some apprehension at this stage with people that they do not know.