Child Development 4 to 8 Months

Getting Their Voices Heard -- Child Development 4 to 8 Months

Child development 4 to 8 months can be very fast paced. By about six months a baby can laugh, squeal and respond to sounds made by other people, especially their name. They will also begin to make some vowel sounds like "ah" and "oh", and like to string these together and go back and forth in conversation with their parents. Parents can help with speech development by talking and singing to their baby while you are doing tasks such as feeding and diapering.


Baby's Physical Development of Motor Skills

At about four months old, babies begin to develop fine motor skills. A baby can roll over and reach for items. This phase of baby physical development is when the muscles in the hands begin to learn how to grip. Babies at this stage like to hold two items and bang them together. Parents can help with this fine motor skill development by placing their baby's toys just out of reach. They will learn to extend their arms and reach with their hands. They will also try to move objects from one hand to another, and might start to put things into their mouths. Teeth will start to grow now and, although their swallowing becomes better than in the first four months of life, as the teeth come in, there will be a lot of drooling.

Baby Growth and Development by the Numbers

Babies start to grow much faster now. Between months four and eight, babies will gain about one pound per month. Baby growth and development can also be seen in length, as babies will grow about a half inch in length every month.

Greater Awareness of the Outside World Through Baby Brain Development

Babies focus turns outside themselves between four and eight months. Specific sounds can be located during this time as a result of baby brain development. For instance, if you call a baby, they will be able to locate you exactly. They are starting to develop their own language as well, whether in words such as "mama" or more nonsense words. They are also able to follow objects as they move away from them, and are curious about where things go.

Physical Movement During Baby Development

At this point in baby development, most babies can sit without help by using their own hands for support. By six months, babies will really enjoy the company of others and like to play with them. They also enjoy seeing themselves in the mirror. They will also be able to roll over from front to back and from back to front. Parents should keep a note of these milestones to share with their doctor, just to make sure that their child is on track developmentally.