Child Development By Year

Measuring Child Development by Year

Once a child reaches one or two years old, the standard is to measure child development by year. Up to this point, it is usually measured by month or in four to six month increments. Development is described in terms of physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social. It is important to know what your child needs at each stage of development, so you can help them to move through the stages successfully.


Developmental Milestones That Happen at Child Developmental Stages

When most people consider child development stages, they think about children from birth to age five. This is when most of the major developmental milestones take place. These include rolling over, crawling, smiling, walking, and talking. These are generally the ones that parents get the most excited about. Further development levels are also quite exciting, though, like when they first learn to print, and read, and write. These are ones that parents notice, but there are no "baby books" to keep track of them. Further development that parents need to be aware of happens all the way to age 18, although many of these milestones are more subtle and may go unnoticed. Puberty is a very confusing time for boys and girls, as well as first loves, learning to drive and preparing for college and careers.

Uses of a Child Development Chart

Your doctor will probably fill in and perhaps even provide you with a child development chart that will help you to follow the key areas in your child's development. Generally this will only cover the first few years. Your doctor will plot the baby's height, weight and head size at each wellness visit. They may also measure arm circumference or any other issues that are important to that particular doctor. Once the child passes certain key milestones, the doctor is not as likely to be worried about development unless the parents see some discrepancies in their expectations. Be sure to discuss any concerns about your child with your doctor. Once the child goes to preschool or school, other charts will be referred to, to measure where they fit on sharing, friendship and other characteristics that are important for these stages of development.

Theories of Stages of Child Development

There are many different models of stages of child development. Some of the more famous psychological models include: Kohlberg's moral stages of development, Erickson's psychosocial stages, and Piaget's cognitive development stages. Some theorists choose one of these models and think that it offer everything that a parent needs. There are hundreds of other theories about the stages a child goes through during development, however. The most likely view is that bits and pieces of all of the theories can be useful at different times. This is particularly true depending on the age of your child or children.