Child Development

Child Development Defined

Child development refers to biological and psychological changes that children go through as they develop into adults. There are usually rough timelines given regarding meeting specific milestones in life, in terms of physical, mental, social, and emotional development.

What is Normal Child Development?

Children do not develop at the same rate, even those within the same family. This makes it very hard to define what normal child development would be. This can be particularly true between boys and girls. There are many factors that determine child development, including environment and genetics. The important thing to remember about child development is that it is not always a smooth process. There will be peaks and valleys. As long as the child keeps along the right path, it is considered normal child development.


Milestones in Early Child Development

Early child development is fascinating to watch. As a parent, however, it can be a stressful time. If you have friends with children the same age as yours, there is always a tendency to compare them in terms of when they reach certain milestones, such as walking, talking, being able to hold onto things, even sleeping through the night.

What Child Development Research Tells Us

There are different theories of child development. Most child development research emphasizes that children are born with certain traits and abilities, and their interactions with parents, other children and their surroundings play a large role in how those traits and abilities appear. Children react to what they see and situations they are in. They learn from those situations and will behave in a way that is most in line with what they know from previous situations. Through a series of situations, they develop specific characteristics, and learn to adapt to new situations as they get older.

Valuable Information from Child Development Journals

There are several journals that offer information on child development. One such child development journal is available online and offers articles on a wide range of childhood development issues. One recent issue offers articles on language acquisition, peer interaction, nutrition's effects on attention (and can even have an effect on ADHD), and teenage freedom, religion and sex. Articles can be found for all levels of child development, including how the parents' behavior can affect these levels. Journals can be great resources for parents, as they offer a variety of articles and opinions. Books on child development are often limited to one author's view, or to one age range of children.