Tips for finding a great nanny

Nothing could be more important to parents than their child's wellbeing - finding the right nanny for your family is crucial because he or she will be a large part of your child's life. Being informed and knowing what questions to ask will be your best tool in finding a nanny who is right for you and your child.

The Search for an Agency

If you decide to go through a placement agency to find your family a nanny, there are a multitude of questions you should be asking:


Questions to ask about the agency itself:

Interviewing a Potential Nanny

When interviewing a potential nanny you'll want to ask questions that draw out detailed answers instead of a simple yes or no. This will not only give you more information, but it will also give insight into the nanny's personality through the conversation it entices. Essential questions to ask are:

Ask about their relevant references:

Conducting Reference Checks

Always check references and ask for more than one. Once you've contacted the references, you should ask: