Christening Gifts

Top 10 unusual christening gifts

Well, you have to go to a christening and you don't want to get the baby another photo frame, money box or "my first tooth / hair" trinket; what are you to do?

A framed copy of the local newspaper on the day of the baby's birth makes an unusual memento and is something he or she can look back at in interest. It also makes a great talking point when it's hanging on the nursery wall.

An unusual gift I received as a baby was a Singapore silver dollar (minted the year I was born) made into a pendant on a silver chain. The reason this is special is that I was born in Singapore while my father was serving in the Armed Services.


A very personal gift is the baby's very own DVD. Record a little piece of advice or just a message from everyone in the family. This can be kept forever and is especially cherished when family members are no longer with them.

A double coat of arms makes a neat present; one side has mom's coat of arms, and the other side has dad's. It, again, makes a great talking point and is something that is timeless. All Family Crests ( is one site that offers these, plus other family-crest-type ideas.

A memory box makes a wonderful present, one that could hold birth and baptism certificates, hospital bracelets and the myriad of other things that parents want to keep. This can be bought from a gift shop, but to make it truly special, make one yourself. Get a plain brown craft box from your craft supply store, and then get photos of the baby with different people - parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Using the decoupage technique, decorate the box for what will be a highly cherished christening present.

A really special and, again, unusual present would be to name a star for the baby. You can do this at or

I really like the idea of buying shares in something related to the baby, such as Disney or Leapfrog. You can do this at, where they send you a framed share certificate for the lucky baby.

A gift that isn't really a memento but is definitely something that will be used is the Baby Einstein DVDs. A lot of people frown on the idea of babies watching DVDs, but these introduce the baby to music and art and a wealth of other things.

Another great idea is to start a retirement fund for the child, or even a managed fund that the child can access when he or she is 21.

If you're interested in genealogy, a family tree makes a great gift. Don't forget to enter the latest addition to it! That way, the child can see where he or she comes from and, if interested, can add to it as he or she gets older.

So, there you have it: 10 fantastic gift ideas to take to your next christening, all of which are sure to be unique.

By Louanne Cox