New Baby

Preparing for and announcing baby's arrival

You've got a new baby, and as a proud parent, you'll want to announce it to the world! But, you'll also learn very quickly that, with a new baby, finding the time to boast can be a little difficult.

With 2 a.m. feedings and never-ending diaper changes you might find yourself a little short on inspiration when it comes to writing birth announcements or planning a memorable christening. We're here to help with some creativity and a few modern twists on new-baby traditions.


Ready to do a meet-and-greet for your little one? While traditionally baby showers come before the baby arrives, there's no harm in throwing a little get together to let everyone celebrate your new arrival. Whether you're planning a before-baby or an after-baby shower, we've got the best theme ideas that can give your occasion a little extra spice!

And don't forget, if you're planning for someone else's new baby, we can help there, too. After all, you don't have to be Mom or Dad to share in the joy!

Celebrating Mom- & Baby-to-Be

While some people now wait until after the baby is born to have a baby shower, this is still a popular way to toast the mom-to-be and help her prepare for the new arrival. Either way, baby showers are really about one thing: making sure mom has everything she needs to keep baby happy, healthy and safe.

We've got tips on planning the perfect baby shower and ways to approach gift-giving with tact and consideration. Make baby's first bash an unforgettable one with our baby shower tips!

Baby Meets World

Your new baby may announce him- or herself with a cry, but when it comes time to announce the birth to the world at large, a well-worded announcement is the way to go. Birth announcements can be placed in newspapers or delivered individually to family and friends via card or keepsake. Many new parents opt to use both methods.

A typical birth announcement contains the baby's name, birth date and time, and birth weight. It may also include a picture and/or the names of older siblings. In newspaper announcements, grandparents and other close family members may also be mentioned.

Traditionally, birth announcements were sent out as cards. In the recent past, new parents have had keepsakes made, such as bookmarks or rattles or even chocolate bars with the announcement on the wrapper. Today, with technology improving, many new parents announce baby's arrival online. Check out our article on birth announcements for creative, innovative ways to issue your baby's birth announcement.