Diaper Bags

Suit your style and your needs

Toting burp cloths and diapers doesn't mean compromising style for convenience. Today's baby diaper bag is a fashion statement. Gone are the days when a parent's only choices were Winnie the Pooh or Peter Rabbit. You won't have any trouble filling the nursery with a diaper bag for every occasion. Even those without children have been spotted carrying stylish and functional baby bags. Whether it's black leather or pink cotton, your diaper bag speaks volumes.


Designer Diaper Bags

Designer diaper bags can be found within every price range, and you don't have to be a movie star to find great designs. You could spend anywhere from $20 to as much as $1,200 on the bag that matches your style. For example, you can pick up a gorgeous red brocade messenger bag for only $25. It's pretty enough for those more formal occasions.

Mia Bossi's handmade collection is sure to make people other than your baby drool. When "function meets fabulous," the only cuter accessory will be your baby. With real snakeskin, gold, leather and even pony hair accents, you're sure to find a savvy look that fits your style. If you are shopping for a baby shower, keep in mind the three-week lead time when ordering Mia Bossi custom bags.


A diaper bag must be functional as well as chic. Look for practical features such as a washable changing pad and insulated, removable bottle holder. The words machine washable are wonderful. If not, be sure your bag is lined with vinyl or similar, washable surface. A zipper closure insures contents stay put even when the bag tips over. Pockets are not negotiable.

Many diaper bags eliminate the need for both a purse and a baby bag. Look for cell phone pockets and keychain holders. Some designer diaper bags offer a matching removable clutch for Mommy's essentials.

Diaper Bag Backpack

The diaper bag backpack is Daddy's favorite. You can find sporty or professional designs. Convertible bags are gaining in popularity. In a few seconds, your bag can switch from backpack to messenger bag. These multitasking bags are great for keeping both your hands free for Junior. The only thing Dad will be more proud to carry is your little bundle of joy.

Leather Diaper Bags and Personalized Diaper Bags

Leather diaper bags are best for the polished professional. High-quality materials and construction add to the longevity of these diaper bags. Chances are you'll love it so much you'll be using it years from now to carry your laptop or as a carry-all tote. Try soft pink or baby blue leather if you are looking for a softer visual appeal.

Personalized diaper bags will have you gaga. Get yourself and your little one a monogrammed diaper bag and you'll never have a mix-up in the mother's room. You can also sport matching monogrammed burp cloths, towels and other necessities.

By Terra L. Fletcher