Baby Fashion

How to save money on brand-name baby clothes

Every new parent knows how daunting financially your new little bundle of joy can be. You are now a member of the elite society that spends more money in an average year on diapers, bottles, baby food, toys, car seats, strollers, the latest baby-must haves and baby clothes than on their home, car, groceries and medical expenses combined! How can this be? It is due to the simple fact that every parent wants their child to have only the best; therefore, walking into the baby clothes section of any department store can lead to a shopping spree of Paris Hilton-sized proportions!


So, how can any middle-class family survive? It is simple - if you know the tricks:

1. Make mommy friends! This allows you to enter into the sacred mother-to-mother grapevine. You will, no doubt, hear about all the latest sales from these women. The more ears and eyes you have searching, the more likely you are to come across the best deals.

2. Look for local baby fairs. In my city, we have an event called "Just Between Friends." This is an event that allows parents to bring baby clothes that their child outgrew or simply never got around to wearing. The JBF crew inspects all items to makes sure they are free of damage or stains. This means you are going to be getting only the highest-quality items. This is not a typical garage sale. These events allow you to purchase high-end baby clothes at a fraction of the cost.

3. Attend garage sales. If you look hard enough, many times you can find brand-new clothes at these sales. I know that at my baby shower, I received about 500 newborn baby outfits (all of them cute, of course), but my daughter outgrew them before she wore half of the items. So what did I do? I had a garage sale. Many lucky new moms could purchase brand-new baby clothes for about $1 a piece.

4. Shop at thrift stores. Many towns have specialty thrift stores that specialize in certain types of clothes - for example, baby clothes. These are also great places to get clothes at a fraction of the retail price. Also, thrift stores and flea markets allow you to negotiate the price. Never pay full price!

5. Search the ads. Every Sunday, I search through the ads section. Sometimes, you may just find a great baby sale.

6. Use eBay! Many times on eBay, you can find huge lots of baby clothes for very little. The key is to check back often. There are lots of items that will be listed for one day only.

7. Exercise self-control. Although we want the best for our children, and the cutest clothes and latest items, self control is key. Is it really necessary for your baby to have a closet bigger than yours?

If you're a mom on a budget, I hope some of these tips have helped you out!

By Tara B