Baby Bedding

Complete your crib with the right crib bedding

Now that you've chosen the perfect baby crib for your baby's nursery, it's time to complete the look with the right crib bedding. As a parent's primary concern should always be the safety of their child, this should be the first consideration in choosing the best crib accessories. There are a few basics that can help you get started in finding the proper baby crib bedding.

The first purchase you'll most likely make for your baby's crib is a mattress, and along with it, a mattress cover or protective pad. Once you've determined that the mattress fits all safety requirements and is the right thickness for your child, these 100 percent waterproof protective covers are essential in keeping the mattress clean and fresh.


Baby Crib Bedding

Next, you'll want to choose the crib bedding, which can be as functional as it is decorative. Many crib bedding sets are available with crib sheets, baby blankets and crib bumpers all in the same matching colors and fabrics. These can be especially useful if you have a dominant theme for your baby's nursery and want everything to go together nicely.

Most bedding sets come with only one set of crib sheets, and any seasoned mom will tell you one just won't cut it. Be sure to purchase at least two more sets of crib sheets so that when your baby leaks through their diaper, you won't be stuck doing laundry in the middle of the night.

If you're purchasing your crib accessories separately, here are a few things that you'll need:

There is no end to the different styles, colors, designs and materials for these bedding items, so parents will have great freedom in deciding exactly how they want their baby's crib to look.

Many grandmothers shopping for their new little grandbabies will be surprised to learn that crib sheets are no longer offered in just simple cotton. Velour, sateen, silky smooth polyester and even luxurious fleece are now just as common and probably much warmer and more comfortable for babies to sleep on. Whichever fabric you choose, just be sure that the sheets are non-flammable, machine washable and dryable, and stain and water-resistant.

Baby Bedding Safety

When choosing the blankets for your baby's crib, keep in mind that quilts, comforters, sheepskins or other heavy materials should be avoided. Babies who are tightly wrapped or swaddled in receiving blankets are fine as long as the material doesn't become loose during the night. If you decide to use an additional blanket in the crib, be sure to tuck it in around the crib mattress, and arrange it so that it only reaches the baby's chest. Thick, soft, and cuddly blankets should only be used when rocking or cuddling with your baby.

Bumper pads and dust ruffles can give your baby's crib the finishing touch you've been looking for. Choose a quality crib bumper that is made with 100 percent fire retardant foam, and that ties or snaps in place. Bumper pads should cover the entire inside perimeter of the crib, and should include at least six ties or snaps to make certain that your little one can't pull them over on top of themselves. Dust ruffles in solid prints, eyelet lace or flouncy gingham can lend an elegant and finished look to your baby's crib, especially if they coordinate with the rest of the bedding.

And there you have it - your perfectly decorated crib is now ready to receive your precious new bundle of joy!

By Alaina M. Coyle