Baby Names Starting With W

Baby Boy Names Starting with W

WADE (English) To cross a ford
WADLEY (English) Ford field
WADSWORTH (English) Village near a river crossing
WAGNER (German) Wagon builder
WAITE (English) Watchman
WALDEN (English) Timber valley


WALDO (German) Strong
WALKER (English) A person who walks on cloth
WALLACE (English) Welshman
WALTER (German) Leader of people
WALTON (English) Walled town
WARD (English) Caretaker
WARNER (German) Fighting protector
WARREN (German) Guardian of friend
WAYNE (English) Wagon builder
WEBSTER (English) Weaver
WENDELL (German) Traveler
WESLEY (English) Western meadow
WESTON (English) Western town
WHEATLEY (English) Wheat field
WHEELER (English) Wheel maker
WHITCOMB (English) White valley
WHITLAW (English) White hill
WHITFIELD (English) White field
WHITLOCK (English) White lock of hair
WHITNEY (English) White island
WILBUR (German) Brilliant
WILEY (English) Water meadow
WILLARD (German) Brave will
WILLIAM (German) Constant guardian
WILLOUGHBY (English) Willow farm
WILSON (English) Son of Will
WINSTON (English) Friend's town
WINSLOW (English) Friend's hill
WOODROW (English) Row in the woods
WOODY (English) Row in the woods
WYATT (French) Little fighter
WYLIE (English) Witty
WYNDHAM (English) Name of place
WYNN (Welsh) Fair

Baby Girl Names Starting with W

WALLIS (English) One from Wales
WENDY (Engish) White-skinned
WHITLEY (English) White field
WHITNEY (English) White island
WILHELMINA (German) Protector
WILMA (German) Protector
WINIFRED (Welsh) Holy peace
WINTER (English) Season
WYNN (Welsh) Fair
WYNONAH (Native American) First-born