Baby Names Starting With V

Baby Boy Names Starting with V

VAIL (English) Valley
VALDEMAR (German) Prominent ruler
VALENTINE (Latin) Strong
VANCE (English) Swampland
VANDYKE (Dutch) Of the dyke
VANYA (Russian) God is gracious
VAUGHN (Welsh) Little
VERNON (French) Adler tree
VICTOR (Latin) Conqueror
VILMOS (Hungarian) Determined warrior
VINCENT (Latin) To conquer
VIRGIL (Latin) Strong
VITO (Latin) Alive
VLADIMIR (Slavic) Famed prince
VOLKER (German) People's Guardian


Baby Girl Names Starting with V

VALERIE (Latin) Strong
VANESSA (Greek) Butterflies
VANNA (Hebrew) God's gift
VASHTI (Persian) Beautiful
VENETTA (English) Newly created
VERA (Slavic) Faith
VERONICA (Latin) True image
VICTORIA (Latin) Victorious
VIOLET (Latin) Violet
VIRGINIA (Latin) Virginal, pure
VIVIAN (Latin) Full of life