Baby Names Starting With T

Baby Boy Names Starting with T

TAD (Aramaic) Brave
TALBOT (English) Reward
TANNER (English) Someone who tans leather
TATE (English) Joyous
TAYLOR (English) Tailor
TED (Greek) Gift from the Lord
TEMPLETON (English) Place in England
TERENCE (Latin) Clan name
TERRILL (German) Follower of Thor
THADDEAUS (Aramaic) Brave


THANE (English) Land owner
THATCHER (English) Roof thatcher
THEODORE (Greek) Gift from the Lord
THOMAS (Aramaic) Twin
THORNE (English) Thorny field
THORNTON (English) Thorny place
THORPE (English) Town
THURSTON (Scandinavian) Stone of Thor
TIERNAN (Irish) God
TILTON (English) Fruitful estate
TIMOTHY (Greek) To honor the Lord
TITUS (Latin) Giant
TOBIAS (Hebrew) God is gracious
TODD (English) Fox
TOM (Aramaic) Twin
TONY (Latin) Priceless
TRACY (French) Brave
TRAVIS (French) Crossroads
TRENT (Latin) Surging waters
TREVOR (Welsh) Big homestead
TREY (English) Three
TRISTEN (Welsh) Bold
TURNER (English) Woodworker
TWAIN (English) Break in two
TYLER (English) Tile maker
TYRONE (Greek) King
TYSON (French) Explosive

Baby Girl Names Starting with T

TABITHA (English) Gazelle
TALIA (Hebrew) Dew
TALLULAH (Native-Amerian) Leaping water
TARA (Irish) Hill
TASHA (Russian) Christmas
TATIANA (Russian) Ancient Slavic king
TAYLOR (English) Tailor
TEMPEST (French) Storm
TERESA (Greek) Harvest
TESSA (Polish) Beloved by God
THEODORA (Greek) Gift from God
TIFFANY (Greek) God's appearance
TRACY (English) Summer
TRICIA (English) Noble
TRIXIE (English) Happiness
TWYLA (African-American) Newly created
TYLER (English) Last name