Baby Names Starting With S

Baby Boy Names Starting with S

SALVATORE (Latin) Savior
SAMIR (Arabic) Entertainer
SAMUEL (Hebrew) God listens
SANBORN (English) Sandy river
SANTIAGO (Spanish) Saint
SAUL (Hebrew) Seeker
SAWYER (English) Woodworker


SCHUYLER (Dutch) Armour
SCOTT (English) Someone from Scotland
SEAN (Irish) God is gracious
SEBASTIAN (Latin) Venerable, revered
SERGIO (Latin) Servant
SETH (Hebrew) To appoint
SEYMOUR (English) Tailor
SHAFER (Hebrew) Handsome
SHALOM (Hebrew) Peace
SHAMIR (Hebrew) Flint
SHARIF (Hindu) Respected
SHEPHERD (English) Sheep herder
SHERWOOD (English) Shining forest
SHILOH (Hebrew) Peaceful
SIDNEY (English) From a place south of the water
SIMON (Hebrew) One of God hears
SOLOMON (Hebrew) Full of peace
SPENCER (English) Seller of goods
STANLEY (English) Stony meadow
STAVROS (Greek) Crowned one
STEADMAN (English) Someone who lives on a farm
STEPHEN (Greek) Crowned
STEWART (English) Steward
SULLIVAN (Irish) Black-eyed
SUTTON (English) Southern town
SYLVESTER (Latin) Forested

Baby Girl Names Starting with S

SAMANTHA (English) Child of God
SARAH (Hebrew) Princess
SAVANNAH (Spanish) Treeless
SCARLETT (English) Red
SELA (Polynesian) Princess
SERENA (Latin) Serene
SHALONDA (African-American) Newly created
SHANIKA (African-American) Newly created
SHANNON (Irish) Ancient
SHARMAINE (English) Roman clan name
SHAYLEEN (African-American) Unknown definition
SHELBY (English) Estate on a ledge
SHELLEY (English) Meadow on a ledge
SIBYL (Greek) Seer
SIERRA (English) Mountain
SIGOURNEY (English) Conqueror
SIMONE (French) God listens
SKYLER (Dutch) Shelter
SOPHIA (Greek) Wisdom
STEPHANIE (English) Crown
SUSAN (Hebrew) Lily
SYDNEY (French) Feminine version of Sidney
SYLVIA (Latin) From the forest