Baby Names Starting With R

Baby Boy Names Starting with R

RADCLIFFE (English) Red cliff
RAFI (Arabic) Exalted
RALEIGH (English) From the meadow of roe deer
RANDOLPH (English) Wolf with a shield
RAPHAEL (Hebrew) God has healed


RASHID (Turkish) Righteous
RAYMOND (German) Counselor
REECE (Welsh) On fire for Christ
REGINALD (English) Strong counselor
REMINGTON (English) Family of ravens
RENNY (Irish) Small but mighty
REUBEN (Hebrew) Behold a son
REX (Latin) King
REYNOLD (English) Powerful adviser
RICHARD (German) Strong ruler
RICHMOND (French) Lush mountain
RIDGLEY (English) Meadow on a ridge
RIDLEY (English) Red meadow
RILEY (Irish) Courageous
RIPLEY (English) Shouting man's meadow
ROBERT (English) Bright fame
RODERICK (German) Famous ruler
RODMAN (English) Famous man
RODNEY (English) Island clearing
ROGER (German) Famous spearman
ROLAND (German) Famous land
ROMAN (Latin) One from Rome
RONALD (English) Powerful adviser
ROOSEVELT (Dutch) Field of roses
ROSCOE (Scandinavian) Deer forest
ROSS (Scottish) Cape
ROWAN (Irish) Red
ROY (Irish) Red
ROYCE (American) Son of Roy
RUDOLPH (German) Famous wolf
RUFUS (Latin) Red-haired
RUPERT (German) Bright fame
RUSH (English) Red-haired
RUSSELL (French) Red-haired
RUSTY (French) Red-haired
RYAN (Irish) Young royalty
RYLAND (English) Land of rye

Baby Girl Names Starting with R

RACHEL (Hebrew) Lamb
RAFAELA (Spanish) God heals
RAMONA (Hindu) Wise protector
RASHEDA (Turkish) Righteous
RAYNA (Hebrew) Song of the Lord
REBECCA (Hebrew) Joined together
RENEE (French) Reborn
RHIANNON (Welsh) Goddess
ROBERTA (English) Bright one
ROCHELLE (French) Little rock
ROLANDA (German) Famous land
ROSALIND (Spanish) Pretty rose
ROSANNA (English) Combination of Rose & Anna
ROSE (Latin) Flower
ROSEMARY (Latin) Dew of the sea
ROSSALYN (Scottish) Cape
ROXANNE (Persian) Dawn
RUBY (English) Jewel
RUTH (Hebrew) Companion