Baby Names Starting With P

Baby Boy Names Starting with P

PADDY (Irish) Nickname for Patrick
PAGE (French) Intern
PALMER (English) Carrying palm branches
PARIS (English) The city
PARKER (English) Park keeper
PARNELL (French) Little Peter
PARRISH (English) Church area


PATRICK (Irish) Nobleman
PATTON (English) Soldier's town
PAUL (Latin) Small
PAXTON (English) Peaceful town
PAYNE (Latin) Countryman
PEARSON (English) Son of Piers
PERCY (English) Valley prisoner
PERRY (English) Traveler
PETER (Greek) Rock
PEYTON (English) Soldier's estate
PHILIP (Greek) Lover of horses
PORTER (Latin) Gatekeeper
POWELL (English) Last name
PRENTICE (English) Apprentice
PRESCOTT (English) Priest's town
PRICE (Welsh) Son of an ardent man
PRINCE (Latin) Prince
PUTNAM (English) One who lives near a pond

Baby Girl Names Starting with P

PAIGE (French) Intern
PAMELA (Greek) Honey
PARIS (English) The city
PASCALE (French) Child of Easter
PATRICIA (English) Noble
PAULA (Latin) Small
PEARL (Latin) Pearl
PENELOPE (Greek) Bobbin weaver
PERRY (French) Pear tree
PHILIPPA (Greek) Lover of horses
PHYLLIS (Greek) Green tree branch
PIA (Latin) Pious
POLLY (English) Bitter
PRISCILLA (English) Old