Baby Names Starting With O

Baby Boy Names Starting with O

OAKLEY (English) Meadow of oak trees
OBADIAH (Hebrew) Servant of God
OBERON (German) Noble and bearlike
OCTAVIUS (Latin) Eighth child
OGDEN (English) Valley of oak trees
OLAF (Scandinavian) Forefather


OLEG (Russian) Holy
OLIVER (Latin) Olive tree
OMAR (Hebrew) Eloquent
OREN (Hebrew) Ash tree
ORION (Greek) Sunrise
ORLANDO (Italian) Famous land
ORRICK (English) Old oak tree
ORSON (Latin) Bearlike
ORTON (Engish) Shore town
ORVILLE (French) Golden town
OSCAR (English) Divine spar
OSMAN (Polish) God protects
OSWALD (English) Divine power
OTIS (English) Son of Otto

Baby Girl Names Starting with O

OCTAVIA (Latin) Eighth
ODE (African-American) Born while traveling
ODELE (German) Rich
ODETTE (French) Rich
OLA (Polish) Protector of men
OLGA (Russian) Holy
OLIVIA (Latin) Olive tree
OPAL (English) Gem
OPHELIA (Greek) Help
ORIANA (Latin) Sunrise