Baby Names Starting With N

Baby Boy Names Starting with N

NATHAN (Hebrew) Gift from God
NEIL (Irish) Champion
NELSON (English) Son of Neil
NEVILLE (French) New town
NEWELL (English) New hall


NICHOLAS (Greek) Triumphant people
NIGEL (Irish) Champion
NOAH (Hebrew) Rest
NOAM (Hebrew) Delight
NOEL (French) Christmas
NOLAN (Irish) Little proud one
NORMAN (English) Northerner
NORRIS (English) Northerner
NORTON (English) Nothern town

Baby Girl Names Starting with M

MABEL (English) Lovable
MADELINE (French) Of or like Mary Magdalene
MADISON (English) Last name
MALLORY (French) Ill-fated
MARCIA (Latin) Warlike
MARGARET (English) Pearl
MARIE (French) Variation of Mary
MARILYN (English) Combination of Mary & Lynn
MARLENE (English) Combination of Mary & Magdalene
MARY (Hebrew) Bitterness
MATILDA (German) Maiden in battle
MAUREEN (Irish) Variation of Mary
MELANIE (Greek) Dark-skinned
MELINDA (Latin) Honey
MELISSA (Greek) Bee
MERCEDES (Spanish) Mercy
MERIDITH (Welsh) Great Leader
MERYL (English) Bright as the sea
MICHAELA (Hebrew) Like the Lord
MICHELLE (French) Like the Lord
MIRABEL (Latin) Wonderful
MIRANDA (Latin) Admirable
MONICA (Latin) Advisor
MORGAN (Welsh) Great and bright
MURIEL (Irish) Bright as the seaon