Baby Names Starting With M

Baby Boy Names Starting with M

MAC (Scottish) Son
MACAULAY (Scottish) Son of the righteous
MACBRIDE (Irish) Son of St. Bridget
MACDONALD (Scottish) Son of Donald
MACGOWAN (Irish) Son of the blacksmith
MACKENZIE (Irish) Son of a wise leader
MACKINLEY (Irish) Learned ruler
MADDOX (Welsh) Generous
MADISON (English) Son of the mighty warrior


MAGUIRE (Irish) Son of the beige man
MALCOLM (English) A servant
MALLORY (French) Sad
MANFRED (English) Man of peace
MANLEY (English) Meadow of a man
MANSFIELD (English) Field by a river
MARCUS (Latin) Warlike
MARIO (Italian) Clan name
MARK (English) Warlike
MARSHALL (French) Caregiver of horses
MARTIN (Latin) Warlike
MARVIN (English) Mariner
MASON (French) Stone carver
MATTHEW (Hebrew) Gift of the Lord
MAURICE (Latin) Dark-skinned
MAXIMILIAN (Latin) Greatest
MAXWELL (Scottish) Well of Marcus
MAYER (Latin) Larger
MAYNARD (English) Hard strength
MELVIN (Irish) Great chief
MENACHEM (Hebrew) Comforter
MEREDITH (Welsh) Great leader
MERLIN (English) Falcon
MERRILL (English) Bright as the sea
MICHAEL (Hebrew) He who is like God
MILO (German) Generous
MILTON (English) Mill town
MONTEL (English) Mountain
MORGAN (Welsh) Great and bright
MOSES (Hebrew) Arrived by water
MURDOCH (Scottish) Sailor
MURRAY (Scottish) Mariner
MYRON (Greek) Aromatic oil

Baby Girl Names Starting with M

MABEL (English) Lovable
MADELINE (French) Of or like Mary Magdalene
MADISON (English) Last name
MALLORY (French) Ill-fated
MARCIA (Latin) Warlike
MARGARET (English) Pearl
MARIE (French) Variation of Mary
MARILYN (English) Combination of Mary & Lynn
MARLENE (English) Combination of Mary & Magdalene
MARY (Hebrew) Bitterness
MATILDA (German) Maiden in battle
MAUREEN (Irish) Variation of Mary
MELANIE (Greek) Dark-skinned
MELINDA (Latin) Honey
MELISSA (Greek) Bee
MERCEDES (Spanish) Mercy
MERIDITH (Welsh) Great Leader
MERYL (English) Bright as the sea
MICHAELA (Hebrew) Like the Lord
MICHELLE (French) Like the Lord
MIRABEL (Latin) Wonderful
MIRANDA (Latin) Admirable
MONICA (Latin) Advisor
MORGAN (Welsh) Great and bright
MURIEL (Irish) Bright as the seaon