Baby Names Starting With L

Baby Boy Names Starting with L

LAMBERT (German) Bright land
LANGSTON (English) Town of the giant
LASZLO (Hungarian) Famous leader
LAWRENCE (English) Crowned with laurels
LAWSON (English) Son of Lawerence
LAWTON (English) Town on a hill


LEE (English) Meadow
LEIF (Scandinavian) Beloved
LEIGHTON (English) Town by the meadow
LENNOX (Scottish) Many elm trees
LEON (Greek) Lion
LEONARD (German) Bold as a lion
LEROY (French) The king
LESLIE (Scottish) Low meadow
LESTER (English) Last name
LEVI (Hebrew) Attached
LEYLAND (English) Uncultivated land
LINCOLN (English) Today
LINDELL (English) Valley of linden trees
LINDFORD (English) Fort of linden trees
LIONEL (Latin) Little lion
LIVINGSTON (English) Leif's settlement
LLOYD (Welsh) Sacred
LOGAN (Irish) Hollow in a meadow
LORNE (Scottish) Region in Scotland
LOUDON (German) A low valley
LOUIS (French) Famous warrior
LOWELL (English) Young wolf
LUCAS (English) A region in Italy
LUDWIG (German) Famous soldier
LUTHER (German) Army people
LYLE (French) The island
LYNDEN (English) Hill with lime trees

Baby Girl Names Starting with L

LACEY (French) Last name
LADONNA (Italian) Modern
LAINE (English) Bright one
LAINEY (French) Bright one
LAKEISHA (African-American) Modern
LANA (Greek) Light
LANE (English) Name of place
LANI (Hawaiian) Sky
LARAINE (Latin) Region of France
LARISSA (Greek) Happy
LARK (Engish) Type of bird
LATANYA (Modern) Combination of La & Tanya
LATASHA (African-American) Modern
LATISHA (Latin) Happiness
LATRICE (Unknown) Noble
LATOYA (African-American) Modern
LAURA (Latin) Laurel
LAUREN (Latin) Laurel
LAVERNE (Latin) Goddess
LAVINIA (Latin) Woman of Rome
LAVONNE (Modern) Combination of La + Yvonne
LEAH (Hebrew) Slow but sure
LEANDRA (Greek) Lioness
LEANNA (Gaelic) Flowering vine
LEATRICE (Modern) Combination of Lee Beatrice
LEIGH (English) Meadow
LEILA (Latin) Clan name
LENA (English) Bright one
LEONA (Latin) Lioness
LESLIE (Scottish) Low meadow
LEVANA (Latin) To rise
LEVINA (Latin) Lightening bolt
LEXIA (Greek) Defender
LILLIAN (English) Combination of Lilly & Anne
LILY (Latin) Flower
LINDA (Spanish) Pretty
LINDSAY (English) Island of linden trees
LINETTE (Welsh) Idol
LISA (English) Pleadged to God
LISANDRA (Greek) Liberator
LIZA (American) Pledged to God
LOLA (English) Sorrow
LORRAINE (French) Area in France
LOUISE (English) Famous soldier
LUCY (English) Light
LYDIA (Greek) Region in Ancient Greece
LYNN (Spanish) Pretty