Baby Names Starting With H

Baby Boy Names Starting with H

HABIB (Arabic) Dear
HAKEEM (Arabic) Wise
HALSEY (English) Hal's Island
HAMID (Arbic) Greatly praised
HAMILTON (English) Fortified castle
HAMISH (Scottish) One who removes
HANK (English) Ruler of the esate
HARLAN (English) Army land


HAROLD (English) Army ruler
HARPER (English) Harp player
HARRISON (English) Son of Harry
HARRY (Engish) Ruler of home
HARTWELL (English) Drinking well
HARVEY (French) Eager soldier
HASIM (Arabic) To determine
HAYDEN (English) Hill of heather
HAYWARD (English) Protector of hedged area
HEINRICH (German) Ruler of the estate
HELMUT (French) Helmet
HENRY (German) Ruler of the house
HERBERT (German) Illustrious warrior
HERMAN (German) Army man
HILLEL (Hebrew) Highly praised
HIRSH (Hebrew) Deer
HOLBROOK (English) Brook near the hollow
HOLDEN (English) Hollow valley
HORACE (Latin) Roman clansman
HOSEA (Hebrew) Deliverance
HOWARD (English) Observer
HOWELL (Welsh) Exceptional
HOYT (Irish) Spirit

Baby Girl Names Starting with H

HAGAR (Hebrew) Forsaken
HANNAH (Hebrew) Grace
HARMONY (Latin) Harmony
HARRIET (German) Wise woman
HAZEL (English) Protected one
HEATHER (English) Pure one
HEDDA (German) Warrior of God
HEIDI (German) Noble
HELEN (Greek) Light
HELGA (German) Holy
HELOISE (German) Light
HENRIETTA (German) Leader of home
HILARY (Greek) Happy one
HILDA (German) Woman of battle
HOLLY (English) Belonging to the Lord
HONEY (English) Noble one
HOPE (English) One of hope
HOSANNA (Greek) Prayerful one
HUNTER (English) Prosperous