Baby Names Starting With G

Baby Boy Names Starting with G

GABRIEL (Hebrew) Man of God
GALEN (Greek) Healer
GALLAGHER (Irish) Foreign partner
GALVIN (Irish) Sparrow
GARETH (Welsh) Gentle
GARRICK (English) One who rules with a spear


GARTH (English) Gardener
GARY (English) Spear
GAVIN (Welsh) White falcon
GAYNOR (Irish) Son of a pale man
GEARY (English) Changeable
GENE (English) Well born
GEOFFREY (German) Peace
GEORGE (Greek) Farmer
GERALD (German) One who rules with a spear
GERARD (German) Brave with a spear
GERSHOM (Hebrew) Exile
GILBERT (German) Bright pledge
GILES (English) Young goat
GILMORE (Irish) Servant of the Virgin Mary
GLEN (Irish) Narrow valley
GORDON (English) Round hill
GRAHAM (English) Gray house
GRANT (Scottish) Great
GRAYSON (English) Son of a man with gray hair
GREGORY (Greek) Observant
GRIFFIN (Latin) A person with a hooked nose
GUNNAR (Scandinavian) Battle
GUS (English) Majestic

Baby Girl Names Starting with G

GABRIELLA (Hebrew) Of God
GAIL (Hebrew) Joyful one
GALINA (Greek) Full of light
GARDENA (Welsh) Protected one
GARNET (English) Precious jewel
GAY (French) Happy one
GENEVA (Frence) One of peace
GEORGETTE (Latin) Industrious
GEORGIA (Latin) Industrious
GEORGINA (Latin) Industrious
GERALDINE (French) Courageous one
GERTRUDE (German) Victorious one
GILDA (English) Bright one
GILLIAN (Latin) Youthful
GINA (Hebrew) Youthful
GINGER (Latin) Pure one
GINNY (Latin) Pure one
GIOVANNA (Italian) God is good
GISELLE (German) Loyal to God
GLADYS (Welsh) Belonging to God
GLORIA (Latin) One of glory
GODIVA (English) A gift from God
GRACE (Latin) Woman of grace
GRETA (Greek) Precious jewel
GRETCHEN (Greek) Precious jewel
GUINEVERE (Welsh) Gentle and bright
GWENDOLYN (Welsh) Bright one
GWYNETH (Welsh) Full of joy
GWYNN (Welsh) Full of joy