Baby Names Starting With F

Baby Boy Names Starting with F

FABIAN (Latin) Bean grower
FABRON (French) Blacksmith
FAGAN (Irish) Eager child
FAIRLEIGH (English) Meadow with bulls
FALKNER (English) Falcon trainer


FARIS (Arabic) Knight
FARON (Spanish) Ruler
FARRELL (Irish) Brave man<
FENTON (English) Place by the swamp
FERNDINAND (German) Brave traveler
FIELDING (English) In the field
FINIAN (Irish) Fair
FINNEGAN (Irish) Fair<
FITCH (English) Name of animal
FITZPATRICK (Irish) Son of a statesman
FLANNERY (Irish) Red hair
FLOYD (Welsh) Gray hair
FLYNN (Irish) Red-haired man's son
FOREST (French) Woods
FRANCIS (Latin) Frenchman
FRANKLIN (English) A free property owner
FRANZ (German) Frenchman
FRASER (English) Town in France
FREDERICK (German) Merciful leader
FRITZ (German) Peaceful ruler
FULLER (English) A person who shrinks cloth

Baby Girl Names Starting with F

FAITH (English) Loyalty
FALIN (Latin) Strong leader
FALLON (Irish) Strong leader
FANNY (Latin) Free-spirited
FARRAH (English) Pleasant
FAWN (French) Young one
FAY (French) Trustful one
FELICIA (Latin) Happy
FEODORA (Russian) Gift from God
FERN (English) Bold one
FIDELTY (Latin) Loyal one
FIFI (Hebrew) Jehovah increases
FILOMENA (Greek) Loved one
FIONA (Irish) Bright one
FLANNA (Irish) One with vibrant hair
FLORA (English) Grows in the Lord
FRANCES (English) Free spirited
FREDA (German) Peaceful