Baby Names Starting With E

Baby Boy Names Starting with E

EARL (English) Leader
EATON (Engish) Town on a river
EDEN (Hebrew) Delight
EDGAR (English) Wealthy man bearing a spear
EDISON (English) Son of Edward
EDWIN (English) Wealthy friend
ELAN (Hebrew) Tree


ELDRIDGE (German) Wise leader
ELI (Hebrew) God is great
ELIJAH (Hebrew) The Lord is my God
ELLERY (English) Island with old trees
ELLIOT (English) God on high
EMANUEL (Hebrew) God is with us
EMERY (German) Leader of the home
ENNIS (Gaelic) Only choice
ENZO (Italian) To win
ERIC (Scandinavian) Ruler of people
ERROL (Scottish) Place in Scotland
ERWIN (English) A boar and his friend
ESTEBAN (Spanish) Crown
ETHAN (Hebrew) Steady
ETIENNE (French) Crown
EVAN (Welsh) God is good
EVANDER (Scottish) Good man
EVERETT (English) Literally
EZEKIEL (Hebrew) The strength of God

Baby Girl Names Starting with E

EDA (English) Happy
EDEN (Hebrew) Pleasure
EDINA (English) Unknown
EDITH (English) Conqueror
EDNA (English) Powerfully rich
EDWINA (Irish) Rich friend
EFFIE (Greek) Noble
EILEEN (Irish) Bright light
ELAINE (French) Bright light
ELBERTA (English) Shining one
ELEANOR (English) Light in spirit
ELIANA (Hebrew) Answered prayer
ELISE (French) Loyal one
ELIZABETH (Hebrew) Loyal one
ELLA (German) Completed by God
ELLEN (English) Light in spirit
ELSA (Spanish) Noble
ELVINA (English) Noble friend
EMILY (English) Industrious
EMMA (German) Embracing all
ENID (Welsh) Full of spirit
ERICA (Scandinavian) Mighty one
ERIN (Gaelic) Peaceful one
ERNESTINE (English) Strong leader
ESMERELDA (Spanish) Emerald
ESTELLE (English) Star
ESTHER (Persian) Star
EUDORA (Greek) Noble one
EUGENIA (Greek) Well-born
EUNICE (Greek) Triumphant
EVA (Hebrew) Life
EVE (Hebrew) Life
EVELYN (French) Pleasing one