Baby Names Starting With D

Baby Boy Names Starting with D

DAKOTA (Unknown) State
DALE (English) One who lives in a valley
DALLAS (Scottish) Place in Scotland
DALTON (English) A place in a valley
DAMIAN (Greek) Tame
DANIEL (Hebrew) God is my judge
DANTE (Latin) Everlasting


DARIN (Greek) Gift
DARNELL (English) Hidden area
DARRYL (English) Last name
DAVID (Hebrew) Valued
DAVIS (English) Son of David
DEAN (English) Valley
DELANEY (Irish) Child of a competitor
DELBERT (English) Sunny day
DELMAR (Spanish) Oceanside
DEMARCO (African-American) Modern
DEMETRIUS (Greek) Lover of the land
DENNIS (Greek) Follower of Dionysus
DENZELL (English) A place in England
DEREK (English) Leader
DERMOT (Irish) Free of jeolousy
DESHAWN (African-American) Modern
DESMOND (Irish) From southern Munster
DEWAYNE (African-American) Modern
DEXTER (latin) Right-handed
DILLON (Irish) Faithful
DION (French) God
DOMINICK (English) Lord
DONOVAN (Irish) Dark
DOUGLAS (English) River in Ireland

Baby Girl Names Starting with D

DAISY (English) Precious jewel
DAKOTA (English) Friend
DALLAS (Scottish) Village name
DANA (English) One of light
DANAE (Greek) Bright star
DANIELLE (Hebrew) God is my judge
DAPHNE (Greek) Victorious one
DARCEY (Irish) One of strength
DARIA (Greek) Prosperous
DARLENE (Unknown) Loved one
DAVINA (Hebrew) Loved one
DAWN (English) Sunrise
DEANNA (English) Valley
DEBORAH (Hebrew) Messenger of truth
DEE (Welch) Bright one
DELIA (Greek) Loyal one
DELILAH (Hebrew) Delicate
DELORES (Spanish) Compassionate one
DENA (English) Valley
DENISE (French) Believer
DESIREE (French) One who longs for
DEVON (English) Place in England
DIANA (Latin) Divine
DINAH (Hebrew) Justified
DIONNE (Greek) Divine
DOMINIQUE (Latin) Belonging to God
DONNA (Italian) Honorable
DORA (Greek) Gift
DOROTHY (Greek) Gift of God