Baby Names Starting With C

Baby Boy Names Starting with C

CALDWELL (English) Stream
CALEB (Hebrew) Brave
CALEY (Irish) Slender
CALVIN (English) Bald
CAMERON (Gaelic) Crooked nose or river
CAREY (Welsh) Near a castle
CARL (English) Man
CARLOS (Spanish) Man


CARSON (English) Son who lives in a swamp
CASEY (Irish) Observant
CASSIDY (Irish) Smart
CHAD (English) Protector
CHANCE (English) Fortunate
CHANDLER (English) Candle maker
CHAPMAN (English) Peddler
CHARLES (English) Man
CHARLTON (English) House where Charles lives
CHASE (English) Hunter
CHASIN (Hebrew) Strong
CHEN (Chinese) Great
CHESTER (English) Campsite
CHIP (English) Man
CHRISTOPHER (English) One who holds Christ in his heart
CLARENCE (English) Clear
CLARK (English) Scholar
CLAY (English) Maker of clay
CLIFFORD (English) Place to cross a river near a cliff
CODY (English) Cushion
COLBY (English) Dark farm
COLIN (English) Victorious people
COLWYN (Welsh) River in Wales
CONNOR (Irish) Much desire
COREY (Irish) The hollow
CRAIG (Welsh) Rock

Baby Girl Names Starting with C

CAITLIN (Irish) Pure
CALLA (Greek) Beautiful
CALLIE (Greek) Beautiful
CAMILLE (Latin) Truthful one
CANDACE (Latin) Royal one
CARA (Latin) Creator of peace
CAREY (English) Beloved
CARISSA (Greek) Grace
CARLA (German) Heavenly woman
CARMEN (Latin) Song of joy
CAROL (German) Heavenly woman
CAROLINE (German) Heavenly woman
CASEY (Irish) Watchful
CASSANDRA (Greek) Truthful
CASSIDY (Gaelic) Witty
CATHERINE (Greek) Pure
CECILIA (Latin) Blind
CELESTE (Latin) Heavenly
CHANTAL (French) Joyful one
CHARITY (Latin) Love
CHARLA (English) Woman of God
CHARLOTTE (French) Woman of God
CHASTITY (Latin) Pure
CHELSEA (English) Courageous one
CHERYL (English) Heavenly woman
CHEYENNE (Native American) City
CHLOE (Greek) Young woman of God
CHRISTINA (English) Anointed one
CHRISTINE (English) Anointed one
CLAIRE (Latin) Full of light
CLARA (English) Full of light
COLETTE (French) Victorious people
COLLEEN (Irish) Girl
CONSTANCE (Latin) Loyal one
CORINNE (French) Maiden
COURTNEY (English) Protector