Baby Names Starting With B

Baby Boy Names Starting with B

BAILEY (English) Bailiff
BALDWIN (German) Brave friend
BARRY (Gaelic) Pointed object
BARTHOLOMEW (English) Farmer's son
BARTON (English) Field of barley
BEAU (French) Beautiful
BENJAMIN (English) Son of my right hand


BENSON (English) Son of Ben
BERNARD (German) Brave
BEVAN (Welsh) A son of a man named Evan
BILL (English) Constant protector
BLAKE (English) Light or dark
BOB (English) Bright
BOYD (Gaelic) Blonde
BRADLEY (English) A wide meadow
BRADY (English) Wide island
BRANDON (English) Sword
BRANT (English) Proud
BRAXTON (English) Name of town
BRENDAN (Irish) Prince
BRENT (English) Mountaintop
BRETT (English) British man
BRIAN (Celtic) Brave
BRIGHTON (English) Name of town
BRODERICK (Scottish) Brother
BRONSON (English) Dark man's son
BROOK (English) Stream
BRUCE (English) Thick brush
BRYSON (English) Nobleman's son
BYRON (English) Cow barn

Baby Girl Names Starting with B

BAILEY (English) One of strength
BARBARA (Greek) Foreign
BEATRICE (Latin) Brings happiness
BERNADETTE (French) Courageous one
BETHANY (Hebrew) Place of the Lord
BETTINA (Hebrew) Pledged to God
BLAINE (Irish) Lithe
BLAIRE (English) One from the flat land
BLAKE (English) Light & pure
BLANCHE (French) Fair & radiant
BLOSSOM (English) Like a flower
BOBBIE (English) Bright one
BONNIE (English) Fair one
BREANNA (Irish) One of strength
BRENDA (English) Burning
BRETTE (Latin) One of strength
BRIDGETTE (Irish) Powerful one
BRICE (English) Noble
BRIE (French) Place in France
BRITTANY (Latin) Strong one
BROOKE (English) Peaceful one