Baby Names Starting With A

Find names that start with "A." When you're pregnant, trying to find the perfect baby name can be a trying, yet exciting experience. Enjoy the hunt! Below, you will also find origins and meanings of listed names.

Baby Boy Names beginning with A

AARON (Hebrew) Exalted
ABDUL (Arabic) Servant
ABDULLAH (Arabic) Servant of God
ABEL (Hebrew) Breathing spirit
ABNER (Hebrew) Father of light
ABRAHAM (Hebrew) Father of many
ACE (English) Unity
ACTON (English) Place in England


ADAM (Hebrew) Man of the red Earth
ADDISON (English) Son of Adam
ADOLPH (German) Noble
ADRIAN (Latin) Dark
AHMAD (Arabic) More deserving
AHMED (Arabic) Praise
ADAN (Irish) Warm
AKIM (Russian) God
ALAN (English) Handsome
ALBERT (English) Brilliant
ALDRICH (English) An old and wise leader
ALEXANDER (Greek) Protector
ALI (Arabic) Elevated
ANDRE (French) Brave
ANDREW (English) Brave
ANGELO (Italian) Angel
ANTHONY (Latin) Praiseworthy
ARLO (Spanish) Bayberry tree
ASHER (Hebrew) Happy
AUSTIN (English) Majestic
AVERY (English) Counselor

Baby Girl Names Starting with A

ABBEY (Hebrew) Joyous one
ABELIA (Hebrew) Breath
ABIGAIL (Hebrew) Joyous one
ABIJAH (Hebrew) God is my father
ADA (German) Joyful spirit
ADIELLA (Hebrew) The Lord's adornment
ADELINE (German) Noble
ADENA (Hebrew) Decoration
ADIN (Hebrew) Delicate
ADORA (Latin) Adored
ADRIANNE (German) Brave one
AGATHA (Greek) Good
AGNES (Greek) Pure & modest
AIMEE (Latin) Beloved
ALAINA (French) Harmonious one
ALBERTA (English) Noble
ALENA (Greek) Light
ALEXANDRA (Greek) Defender
ALICE (German) Noble
ALICIA (English, Hispanic, Swedish) Truthful
ALISON (German) Noble
ALLEGRA (Italian) Joyful
ALMA (Latin) Nuturer
ALTHEA (Greek) Healer
ALVINA (English) Noble
AMANDA (Latin) Beloved
AMARYLLIS (Greek) Flower
AMBER (French) Precious jewel
AMY (Latin) Beloved
ANGELA (Greek) Messenger from heaven
ANITA (Spanish) Graceful one
ANN (English) Graceful one
ANTOINETTE (Latin) Priceless
APRIL (English) Named for the month
ARABELLA (English) In prayer
ARIANA (Welsh) Holy one
ARIEL (Hebrew) Lioness of God
ASHLEY (English) Peaceful one
AUDREY (English) Noble and strong
AUGUSTA (Latin) Majestic
AZARIA (Hebrew) Helped by God